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Welcome BreyerFest 2020!

It is a bummer we can't see each other in person this year. Because of that I have put together an active product list for you. As always my items are on a first come first serve basis, but you can always order something simliar!
Text and email is the best way to get ahold of me, otherwise you can call me, be sure to leave a voicemail!
Last updated 7/11/2020 at 9AM CST

driving harness

Set: $130

Simba with New-England Harness

farm harness

Set: $125

Horse with Three Strap Harness

new england farm harness

Set: $120

Farm Harness and Black Roy

marathon dual purpose harness


Dappled Grey Clydes with Three Strap Harnesses

parade harness

Set: $95

Dappled Horse with Plain Driving Harness

budweiser harness

Set: $115

Custom JW Horse with Farm Harness

three strap harness

Set: $395

Doctor Buggy

scotch collar harness

Set: $125

Friesan with Driving Harness

farm wagon

Set: $423

1:12 Farm Wagon with Horses & Farm Harness Team

hay wagon

Set: $220

Harley Team with Farm Harnesses

hitch wagon


Blue Hitch Wagon


Set: $225

Red Buckboard

meadowbrook cart

Set: $110

Horse and Buggy Harness

pony cart

Set: $85

1:12 Horse and Farm Harness

brougham carriage

Set: $120

Freisan with Farm Harness

doctors buggy

Set: $155

Wixom with Three Strap Harness

fringe top surrey

Set: $160

Sergeant with Farm Harness

vis a vis carriage

Set: $210

Running Mare Team with Farm Harness

logging sleigh

Set: $225

Roy Team with Farm Harnesses

logging tongs

Set: $210

White Team with Farm Harnesses


Set: $245

Palomino Team with Farm Harnesses


Set: $110

Custom Paddock Pal Team with Harness

budweiser hitch wagon

Set: $110

1:6 Horse with Farm Harness

lincoln hearse

Set: $310

Mahogany Bay Team with White Parade Harness

stage coach

Set: $125

Misty and Plain Driving Harness

model halter

Set: $90

Clyde Mare and Farm Harness

double sleigh

Set: $295

Major Team with Three Strap Harness


Set: $110

1:6 Horse and Brown Farm Harness

budweiser hitch wagon

Set: $115

Ix Chex and Plain Driving Harness

budweiser hitch wagon

Set: $540

Doctor Buggy, Rearing Horse & Plain Driving Harness

budweiser hitch wagon

Set: $225

Mule team with Brown Farm Harness